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What We Do

We laser focus on local real estate. Our specialization is taking distressed properties, renovating them with high quality craftsmanship and materials to add significant value, and provide a beautiful home for a new family.


Our Approach

Our firm uniquely combines expertise in three key areas: Savvy financial management and opportunity assessment, intelligent application of real estate data and statistics, and high-end craftsmanship and renovation talent.


Our Mission

To elevate the quality of life in Rhode Island and surrounding areas by creating quality houses that families can turn into homes.

Quick Cash For Your House

How can Alpha Investing help you as a homeowner? Perhaps you’re looking to sell your house but you don’t want to go through the regular market channels. You may be looking for a quick cash sale. We can help you with that. Get in touch and we can assess your house and give you a price.


Help For Financial Distress

Are you behind on your taxes? Behind on other bills? Are you ready to get rid of the stress from the financial burdens? There are better options for you than foreclosure. Talk to us about how Alpha Investing can help you avoid foreclosure, save your credit, and let you move on with your life.

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Looking to invest with us? We offer strong returns. Message us for more information.

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